WhatsApp Unveils Four Exciting New Features: Let's Discover Them!


WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging app, has recently unveiled four exciting features for its users. These additions include the ability to silence unknown callers, mention groups, utilize community entry points, and edit messages.

As per WaBetaInfo, these new features are currently being rolled out to beta testers and will gradually become available to a wider user base in the upcoming weeks. To access these updates, users must install the latest version of WhatsApp beta for iOS, although some features are also accessible on Android beta.

Silencing Unknown Callers

WhatsApp now empowers its users with greater control over the calls they receive by introducing the option to silence unknown callers. By navigating to the privacy settings and selecting the calls section, users can enable this feature. With this functionality, individuals can effectively limit spam calls, bolstering their privacy and overall security.

Group Mentions

Community admins can now make use of the group mentions feature, which allows them to highlight specific groups within the community announcement group. When sending a message to community members, this functionality proves invaluable in drawing attention to relevant groups.

Community Entry Point

WhatsApp introduces a convenient new button placed within the header, enabling users to directly access community groups from the community announcement group. Additionally, the creator of the community can swiftly create a new group through the menu accessed by tapping this button, as reported by the app-tracking website.

Message Editing

One of the most noteworthy updates on WhatsApp is the ability for some users to edit text messages within 15 minutes of sending them. However, this limit has been implemented to maintain the integrity of conversations, ensuring long-term message modification is not possible. The editing feature is primarily intended to rectify typing errors rather than alter the content. Users can edit messages an unlimited number of times, though messages sent from a different device are not editable.

Stay connected with WhatsApp and enjoy these exciting new features! Remember to update your app to access the latest enhancements. 

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