What is dropshipping ecommerce and how does it work?


Dropshipping is an order fulfilment method in which a shop does not hold stock of the items it offers. Instead, the seller obtains inventory from a third party—usually a wholesaler or manufacturer—as needed to fulfil orders.

The main distinction between dropshipping and traditional retail is that the selling merchant does not stock or own goods; instead, they function as a middleman.

Do you want to be a part of the action? Here's everything you need to know about dropshipping for ecommerce shops, including how to get started right away. 

What is the process of dropshipping?

Two of the most frequent techniques for dropshipping on Shopify are to use supplier databases to find a supplier in North America (or anyplace else in the globe) or to use a Shopify app that links you and your business to thousands of suppliers.

We propose DSers, a Shopify tool that assists independent company owners in finding things to sell. With DSers, you can browse AliExpress and import items that interest you directly to DSers (which is linked to your Shopify store) with the click of a button. 

Once a customer buys a product, you’ll be able to fulfil their order in the DSers app. Fortunately, this procedure is automated by DSers. As the shop owner, all you have to do is double-check the information and click the Order button. The goods is then shipped straight from the AliExpress supplier to the client, who might be located anywhere in the globe.

Dropshipping is frequently portrayed as a no-hassle, get-rich-quick plan. But it isn't. It requires devotion, just like any other ecommerce website, to get your company up and operating and profitable. Dropshipping firms, when done correctly, may become dependable and convenient partners to expanding ecommerce enterprises in order to speed order and fulfilment processes. 

The Advantages of Dropshipping

Dropshipping, a $15 billion market, is a terrific place for budding entrepreneurs to start since it is simple. Dropshipping allows you to swiftly test alternative company ideas with no risk, allowing you to learn a lot about how to identify and promote in-demand items.

Here are a few more reasons why dropshipping is such a successful business model for both large and small companies. 

Less capital is required to start

The most significant advantage of drops hipping is the ability to create an ecommerce company without needing to invest thousands of dollars in goods up front. Historically, retailers had to tie up large sums of cash in order to purchase merchandise.

You don't have to buy a product using the drop shipping model unless you've previously made a transaction and been paid by the consumer. It is feasible to begin sourcing items and becoming a successful dropshipper with very little money and without major upfront inventory commitments. And, unlike a typical retail firm, there is less risk associated in beginning a dropshipping store because you are not committed to selling through any inventory acquired upfront. 

It is simple to start.

When you don't have to deal with real things, running an ecommerce business is considerably easier. You don't have to be concerned about any of the following when you use dropshipping:

  • Taking care of or paying for a warehouse
  • Order packing and shipping
  • Inventory tracking for accounting purposes
  • Returns and incoming shipments are handled separately.
  • Ordering items on a regular basis and keeping track of stock levels 

Minimal overhead

Your overhead expenditures are cheap since you don't have to worry with procuring goods or operating a warehouse. In reality, many successful dropshipping businesses are managed from home, with little more than a laptop and a few recurrent expenditures. These costs will most certainly rise as you expand, but they will remain inexpensive in comparison to typical brick-and-mortar enterprises.

Flexible location

A dropshipping business may be conducted from almost any location that has an internet connection. You can run and manage your firm as long as you can readily connect with suppliers and customers. 

Is dropshipping still viable in 2022?

Dropshipping, as previously said, is not a flawless, stress-free strategy to develop a successful online business—hard work is always necessary. The approach has certain distinct advantages, but it also has a number of inherent complications that must be addressed.

The good news is that with proper preparation and consideration, most of these obstacles can be overcome and you will be able to develop a healthy, lucrative dropshipping business.

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